Photo Museum
A Look Back
The 50th Reunion - June 22, 2019
The 50th Reunion - June 22, 2019 -chapter 2
Friday night - 2019 - before the Big Event
2019 Tour of LOHS
Hen Party - name tag fun 2019
Paul Klein "Atlantics" music event
reunion friday evening pictures
FotoFun at the picture booth
Photo Booth Fun
Art Walk - High School Tour
Oaks Park Picnic
spring fun 2010
Long Hairs
Chris Gray 1971
Don Bunch 1971
Summer 70 Dave Ling
Daniel Janzer, Scott Johansson, Dean Crumpacker
July Planning Meeting
June Planning Meeting - Committee Hard at Work
Jan Kroodsma Thomas - Hard at work on the name tags
The Reno Auxiliary  Reunion Planning Meeting Committee. Jan writing in Bigger Letters than was allowed in Kindergarten, but we will be able to read them!
Reunion 1999
More Recent Events
Lakers' Log 1969
Senior Class Pictures
Sailors 1966
Lake Grove Elementary School Kindergarten 1956-57
Lake Grove Elementary 4th grade - 6th grade class picture
Lake Grove Mr Neubauerss 5th grade class
Mr Neubauer taught us in Lake Oswego Junior High also
5th grade authograph page from Mr Neubauers class
Lake Grove 6th grade Mrs Braggs class
Mrs Braggs 6th grde class autograph page
Mr Rothstoms 4th grade class
Lake Grove Elementary
Field Trip to Folgers coffee
Mrs Braggs Lake Grove 6th grade class
Waluga Jr High School - Freshman Year
Uplands Elementary School
Forest Hills Elementary School
Lake Grove Elementary - 2nd grade
Riverdale Grade School
Top row: Tom Pagenstecher, Ann McCormick, Mary Crawford, Lauri Hein, Paul Schlessinger, Ellen Wood, Mrs Fix.
Bottom row; Jane Lee, Daniel Janzer, Ann Durkheimer, North Cheatham, Scott McKinley, Margie Buell, Steven Babson.
Top row; Nancy Kramer, Bobby Avison, Ann McCormick, Lauri Hein, Peter Clark, Robert Frisbee, Elizabeth Evans, Mrs. Sammons
Bottom row; Patty Horton, Daniel Janzer,Stephen Babson, Chris Gray, Joel Taylor, Joan Gray, North Cheatham, Jane Lee
Lakewood Elementary School
Misc Music Pictures
The Lutheran Choir
From Left, Tom Pagenstecher, Calvin Crowley(68),Robin Norwood(68), Singer Bart Bishop, Drummer Matt Milner? and Craig Dixon
Jacobs Ladder, John Viskov, Don McFadden, Craig Dickson, Frank Dardano
Jacobs Ladder at the Civic Auditorium
Jacobs Ladder in London 1972
Mr Moon - Gary Perkins in pic
All School Musical for 1969 The Apple Tree
The Diary of Adam & Eve: Kim Ross & Dave Chartier
The Lady Or The Tiger: Mark Stevens & Debbie St. Clair. With classmates Bruce Venezia, Ellen Pugh, Chris Porter, Lana Bouslaugh, Jon Torp
Passionella: Luanne Charters & Bruce Venezia with classmates Pam Holden, Ellen Pugh, Nancy Showalter, Jon Torp, Cynthia Weins, Robin Wethern.  Jim (James) Shaw played the lead (as narrator) in all 3 plays.
James (Jim) Shaw played the Snake in The Diary of Adam & Eve, Balladeer in The Lady or the Tiger, & Narrator in Passionella.
Look through all the names of our fellow LOHS students to see how many of us were involved in theater.  It was so much fun...
Sports Misc
 Lake Grove Coast league 1960

Second Row: Ron Tonyan, Robert Ankersmit, John Lipke, John Mass, Steve
Schneider, David Bryant, Dave Gunn, Ken Ashton
Front Row: (Manager) Ward Bruner, Grover Klein, Mark Young, Craig Nicastro,
Steve Jones, Randy Edward
Lake Grove Coast league 1960
Second Row:JOhn Lamoreaux, Jeff Widmer, Paul Gunther, Dean Alvis, Kent
Ferlan, Danny McIntyre, David Gilbert, Norman Boyle
Front Row: Roy mcIntyre (Mgr.) Tommy Starr, Mark Johnson, Robert Watkins,
gordon Taylor, Jimmy Wiil
two favorite teachers...
Fun Facts of 1969
Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll 1969
Planning Meeting 2014
2022 Fun