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Wow! What magnificently-photogenic smiles and hearts....
I am very impressed with the smiles and the snapshots of interaction at the 50th. Many of you look less than a pound over your graduation weights. That's impressive. I'll have what DonZ eats, please!...
Last Post: Jul 7th 2019
Author: rasputin
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Are there any gals that want to make a foursome for the scramble on the 21st? I would like to golf and Kathy Downey said she'd be my caddy! Don Zerung let me know if you have some gals wanting to...
Last Post: Mar 26th 2019
Author: sher1969
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kid in photo
i think the mystery kid in the photo of biology class, first grade, at lake grove school is DAVID GUNN.
Last Post: Aug 12th 2009
Author: meilstone
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missing friends
Gordon Taylor, David Benfield, Norman Barnes, Gary Woodruff, Butch Schulz (Lloyd), Gordon Smith, Kevin Bisenius,
Last Post: Aug 5th 2009
Author: t2e2000
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Website profiles
Hey everyone- We need more people to put in their "now" photos. It will help us to recognize each other easier at the reunion and then we won't have to keep dragging out those reading glasses in...
Last Post: Feb 13th 2009
Author: Jan
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