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how deplorables "eat cake"
1) Simon says "swallow two tablespoons of covid-1984";
2) Simon says "click your heals together two times and, with feeling, say "there's no place like the Bejing";
3) Simon says...
Last Post: Aug 22nd 2020
Author: rasputin
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Wow! What magnificently-photogenic smiles and hearts....
I am very impressed with the smiles and the snapshots of interaction at the 50th. Many of you look less than a pound over your graduation weights. That's impressive. I'll have what DonZ eats, please!...
Last Post: Jul 7th 2019
Author: rasputin
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diction of addi[c]tions, 2017
post-modernism n:
• Movement that attempted to circle the wagons against the enemies of authenticity but authentically circled them around reified enemies instead.
Last Post: Jan 21st 2018
Author: rasputin
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best wishes for our Steve Price
Steve, I'm happy to hear of your improvements and positive spirit. I will think of your youthful smile and health as my "prayer" for your return to your best. Take care, and in addition to your...
Last Post: Jun 21st 2017
Author: christopher94523
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Autumn shadows
The glistening frost, the crackle of leaves, the emerging wool blankets... the helical "cycle" travels onward within a toroidal cosmos of negentropic[]al] change. I just had to find a sentence where...
Last Post: Sep 27th 2012
Author: christopher94523
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Berry Kline 1969
I was saddened to hear of the untimely demise of Berry Kline.
Oh wait a second thats me!! I'm Alive!!!
Last Post: Dec 17th 2010
Author: berry
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And a great time was had by all!
Well, the Friday night function was a blast! Kudos and thank- you’s to everyone involved. A great turn out, and really wonderful to see everyone after so long. We were packed in there weren’t we?...
Last Post: Oct 5th 2009
Author: marylynn
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an offer to co-create some consequential follow-up...
It was wonderful (albeit somewhat ricochet-like) seeing you all at our very well-planned and eventful reunion! Hats off to all! Logistically difficult, there were so many to meet, re-meet, "hello",...
Last Post: Sep 2nd 2009
Author: christopher94523
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Hello Everyone
It has been 40 years since I have seen many of you. In 1972 I joined the Lake Oswego Police Department where I served for twenty eight years. I retired in 2000 as a detective and moved to Silver...
Last Post: Feb 11th 2009
Author: Harryhoss
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