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School dances
Remember line dances? The stroll? The hitch hike? and "Sock Hops"? Are y'all ready?
Last Post: Jul 29th 2014
Author: Jan
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Ted Thompson
I hope you'll forgive me for posting a note as I wasn't a member of your graduating class, but I just want to thank you for the pictures of my brother, Ted Thompson. The pictures of him brought me...
Last Post: Jul 2nd 2009
Author: Kellie
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Graduation Shenanigans
I remember that our class was the last class the Elks allowed to use the lodge on Stafford. We were a rude, crude bunch, for sure. -Karen
Last Post: Mar 13th 2009
Author: karenoregon
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Length of skirts and dresses
Remember if faculty thought your dress or skirt was too short you would have to get on your knees to verify the length? If the dress or skirt did not touch the floor you were sent home to change to...
Last Post: Jan 5th 2009
Author: bstrickland
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Remember if you drove a car to school, the lot was gated and closed until school was out after 3:00? No open campus. (My kids would have died). Ha!
Last Post: Jan 5th 2009
Author: bstrickland
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Teacher kidnapping
I remember we were the first senior class to successfully kidnap our teachers in the spring prior to graduation. It was well planned and organized. We camped and laughed and played guitars and...
Last Post: Nov 23rd 2008
Author: bstrickland
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