August 23, 2014
Class of 1969
50th Reunion
Thursday - June 20th - Tour of High School - 11am (meet at the steps - they have them now)
Friday - June 21st - Multiply Choice
Golf - Noon at OGA Woodburn - Call Don Zehrung (503) 951-1982
   Festival of the Arts - Geroge Rogers Park - 6-10
Band and Food/Beverage Vendors

  Gemini Bar & Grill (Formerly the Open Seas) 6-12 Drinks, Food , Dance & Laugh!
"Kinky Bros. Band" @ 8:30
Saturday - June 22nd
Lake Theater 5pm - 10 pm
Sunday - June 23rd - 11 (late morning)
Festival of the Arts George Rogers Park

June 21st, Friday
Reunion Golf Scramble

begins at 12:00 noon
OGA Golf Course in Woodburn
Teams of 4 ~ scramble format. 
The roster of players is filling up for the 50th reunion golf event, sign up now

  Cost of the event: $65 for walkers
 $75 for those using a power cart
tickets can be purchased on the LOHS69 website 
Registration is open until June 14
 Questions call Don Zehrung at 503 951-1982
Reunion Planning 
Ron Mason
Kris Nielsen Elliott
Steve Tandy
Jeff Newell
Nancy Berger Christensen
Linda Broad Lester
Kris Knox Model
Lana Bouslaugh Miles
Veva Goehler (Kerr)
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Debbie Rustrum ,Linda Broad,Julie Frazier,Veva Goehler ,Jan Kroodsma
Debbie Rustrum ,Linda Broad,Julie Frazier,Veva Goehler ,Jan Kroodsma
Debbie Rustrum,Linda Broad,Chuck Applegate,Vickie Sutton
Jan Kroodsma,Debbie Rustrum
Debbie R., Craig Griswold,Dann Sheffield
Don Zehrung, Veva Goehler
Kathy Downey,Don Zehrung,Don Bunch,Jan Kroodsma,Dave Ling, Veva Goehler
Group pictures include Craig Morrison,Ann Schmidt,Lana Bouslaugh,Pam Richardson,Manette Hartenberger,Chris Riis,Carole Berg,Jan Kroodsma,Jill Haney,Julie Frazier,Vicky Sutton,Molly Holden,Jayney Cik

Linda Broad and Tom Starr

A memorial album of classmates that have passed, but will always be remembered!

The guys - Craig Morrison,Don Bunch,Dan Marx

Manette Hartenberger Zehrung and Don Zehrung

Tom Harpole,Dave Poole,Mark Jaques,Debbie Rustrum

Claudia Officer,Jeff Spear
Sherri Lorette,Debbie Rustrum,Kim Chaney,Carol Petrey

Denise Sample,Cynthia Gehrig,Manette Hartenberger and the "photo bomb" by Jan Kroodsma

Don Zehrung signing Debbie Rustrum's Senior Annual....45 years later

Scott Wintermute

Jon Bake,Dave Ling

Craig Griswold,Dann Sheffield

Don Z. and Andy Kepert
Dave Fish,Jane Gardner,Kris Knox and Husband Les Modell

Tom Harpole,David Poole,Mark Jaques,Debbie Rustrum

Tom Harpole,Gary Perkins

Pam Richardson,Craig Morrison

Candy Foster, Lauri Hein

Molly Holden Macom and Kip Macom

Carol Petrey
The stories and laughter lasted well into the night
back row:                      Linda Broad Lester  Vickie Sutton Domenigoni  Debbbie Rustrum Kroodsma  Veva Goehler  Lan
back row: Linda Broad Lester Vickie Sutton Domenigoni Debbbie Rustrum Kroodsma Veva Goehler Lana Bouslaugh Miles Manetter Hartenberger Zehrung front row: Steve Mallinson Don Zehrung Kris Knox Modell Chris Riis a stranger amongst us: Steve Mallinson was able to join us today, in 2 weeks he will be out being Captain Steve hauling in our fish dinners
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